Why does carbon dioxide mess with our climate?



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    When it gathers towards the outer layers of our atmosphere it allows sunlight and heat to enter but does not allow it to leave like it did before, therefore making our temperature increase. This change (and the way it is spread out over our globe) affects many things such as ocean and wind patterns.

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    Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that makes up less than 1% of our atmosphere. However, although it only makes up a small fraction of the environment, it is powerful in its ability to trap heat from the sun in our stratosphere. This causes global warming and climate change.

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    Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, which means that it holds heat well. Carbon dioxide is naturally occurring on Earth, and at normal levels, it helps to maintain a healthy level of warmth in the atmosphere. However, the amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have increased dramatically since the Industrial Revolution due to our increased dependence on fossil fuels for energy and car fuel. When fossil fuels are burned, they release carbon dioxide. The unprecedented increase in levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere over the last 100 years is responsible for the problem of climate change. The most important solution is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For the carbon dioxide that is already in our atmosphere, carbon sequestration is another solution (capturing carbon dioxide through methods such as planting more trees). There are also other greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming, such as methane, which holds heat even more efficiently than carbon dioxide. However, carbon dioxide is the main perpetrator because of its excessive quantity in the atmosphere due to human consumption of fossil fuels.

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