Why does caffeine give you energy?



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    Caffeine acts as a stimulant drug to the body. Caffeine in the human body stimulates the central nervous system decreasing drowsiness and increasing alertness.

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    Caffeine helps increase the effects of neurotransmitters: serotonin, dopamine and acetylcholine.  Caffeine also increases the amount of catecholamines released to the body. These chemicals affect concentration, mood and energize your body by feeding more blood to your body or more sugar to your blood. Caffeine also helps your muscles contract, so you feel stronger. This explains why some people feel jittery after drinking coffee.   Read on at the link that gave this information. It is in the works cited.

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    Caffeine doesn’t only give you energy, it takes it away, later.

    Your body has an idea of the rate it wants to work with. So if you dope it with a stimulant or depressant, it tends to compensate, moving it back to the optimal, natural rate. Then later, when the drug cuts out, suddenly your body, in the case of a stimulant, caffeine, is quite depressed, because it was relying on the stimulant to maintain equilibrium. So, a few hours after drinking coffee, you may find you are dragging so much you can barely stay awake. It will take some time for the body to figure out that it needs to pump its own, natural stimulants back at a normal level.

    Caffeine lowers the potential between the ends of neural synapses, making it easier for them to fire. In small amounts, this means the nervous system works faster, making you smarter, react faster, etc. But every extra amount of caffeine you use also makes the neurons fire when they aren’t supposed to be at all. Your nervous system starts generating noise that has no significance, no utility, but instead gets in the way of signals that do mean something. Enough caffeine, and you’ll find you can’t do anything well. More caffeine than that, and you may be headed to the emergency room.

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    caffine stimulates the nervous system and speeds up your heart rate…it is not real energy but the sensation of it.

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