Why does America use so much energy?



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    People take it for granted that resources will always be accessible. They figure it will never run out so why be concerned with how much is being used. People in this country are very blessed compared to other countries and are far more advanced in many areas. Many people figure environmental issues are not a concern for them because it doesn’t directly affect them.

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    Our society has become accustomed to a lifestyle that does not properly monetize our natural resources. We are used to seemingly infinite amounts of fossil fuels at our disposal and have built our society’s infrastructure around this idea. As a result, we are consuming much more energy than we need and have established unsustainable behaviors that will need to be changed if we are to lower our dependancy on the massive amount of oil it takes to keep this country running. 

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    Our society was founded on individual rather than cooperative values. Therefore, we do not care what happens to anything or anyone outside of our own relatives. We have become so competitive on an individualist basis that every cares little about cutting down on energy. 

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    America is a highly-industrialized nation. This causes the country as a whole to emit enormous amounts of pollution and greenhouse gases. Since America is based on capitalist principles, its “progress” is a result of its ability to produce and consume. Therefore, the status quo is never acceptable. The country must always continue its industrial drive, and its corresponding pollution.

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