Why does algae take up so much oxygen in the water?



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    There can be such thing as a healthy amount of algae in the water since algae actually produce oxygen in the daytime when undergoing photosynthesis. Though algae consumes dissolved oxygen at night or when not in the presence of the sun, they usually produce more oxygen than they consume.

    The problem occurs when water becomes too warm or too many nutrients run into the water or a combination of both. These conditions cause heavy algae blooms which consume high levels of oxygen at night. In the day time, the water surface is so coated with algae that algae beneath the surface die from lack of sunlight. Large amounts of dead algae are decomposed by even larger amounts of aerobic bacteria which also consume oxygen.

    In a nutshell, small amounts of algae are good. Large amounts are bad because they consume too much oxygen at night, and in the day oxygen-consuming bacteria is decomposing the dead algae beneath the surface of the water.

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