Why does Alaska, home to so much remaining wilderness, seem to produce so many anti-environmental politicians?



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    For all of the natural wilderness Alaska has, it has even more natural gas and oil reserves generating revenue for people and the state. Roughly 80% of Alaska’s total revenue is generated by the energy industry, and most of this, through oil and natural gas. And as long as the mining and drilling continues, the state is ensured good jobs and a strong economy.

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    I’ve lived in Alaska for about 10 years before relocating. Alaska’s natural wilderness is its most marketable asset. No other state can offer large amounts of untouched land, trees, lakes, and rivers. Many politicians can clearly see the revenue in offering up portions of the state, however there are many activist groups such as the Native Tribal Council and the Department of Natural Resources that work in conjunction with the state government in order to preserve many parts of Alaska.

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