Why does Al Gore feel so strongly about global warming?



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    Hopefully he feels strongly about it because he doesn’t want future generations to have to live in 120 degree weather all over the world. That’s reason enough to care for me.

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    I believe that he sees a crisis brewing in the future on the fight over water, supplies, etc. He wants America and the world to be secure and stable and the only way to do this is to be environmentally friendly. Al Gore doesn’t really care about the intrinsic value of the environment, but rather its effects on humans. 

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    Agree with both. If you watch “An Inconvenient Truth,” there’s a part in the beginning where he talks about almost losing his son in a car accident. He says that incident made him realize how much people can take things for granted and not know what they have until they lose it. Same idea with the environment, I suppose.

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    Al Gore genuinely cares about the environment like the above posts say, but being an environmental figurehead also keeps him in the limelight.  After losing the infamous 2000 election, it was likely that Al Gore was going to fade from the spotlight.  Not to be too cynical, but politicians have an insatiable need for recognition, and Gore was able to reinvent his image by taking on global warming.  I don’t mean to diminish his commitment to the environment, but motivation is a very complicated aspect of human behavior.  

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