Why does Africa have such a hard time with getting clean water?



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    Distribution and purification are two of the reasons clean water is difficult to achieve in Africa.  As there are few municipal distribution systems in the less developed regions, water is difficult to make safe for consumption even when it is available.  As many people do not live in cities but rather in small villages, it is far more efficient to develop small scale purification systems for local village wells (such as reverse osmosis and UV purification).  The other issues is distribution, as there are many people that don’t live near a reliable water source, and have to travel long distances to obtain potable water.  This is a much more difficult problem, one solution of which is to do more well exploration and drilling or develop water retention strategies such as rain capture.

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    While some parts of Africa receive plenty of rainfall, others receive very little and are frequently hit with droughts. However, there are good sized rivers that run through Africa that would be sufficient to supply water.

    The major problem is the lack of infrastructure and utilization of these water sources. Yet, this infrastructure and organization of water management is extremely costly and difficult to implement. Many countries just do not have the money for this and the people are already struggling just to survive. It is also a very complex task to organize and implement cooperation on a social level. Even if all other nations worked together, it would take much time to design and to build the infrastructure itself. From there, maintenance and management of these systems would also be required. There are many organizations and groups that are already dedicated to this and in time and with more help there is hope for the future.    

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