Why do your hands turn orange when your grate carrots?



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    Your hands are being dyed by a chemical in carrots called “carotene”. It’s not harmful, even to eat, in fact, there’s substantial evidence that carotenes are healthy. According to whatever source Wikipedia used, even high doses are not toxic.

    If you eat too many carrots or carotene supplements, it can temporarily turn your skin orangeish or yellowish. Seems like nature’s way of saying: Don’t do this!

    But the color on your hands when grating carrots is of absolutely no concern at all. Don’t even start to worry.

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    Carrots contain pigments called carotenes (pretty convenient, huh?) that can rub off onto your skin and dye it orange for a short period of time.  This isn’t harmful, and could be compared to the chlorophyll grass stains you got on your jeans as a kid.  

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