Why do young people choose to work in the green economy?



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    Well, for one, a lot of young people care more about the environment than older generations, because it’s us and our children who are going to have to live with the consequences of our parents’ and grandparents’ exploitation of the planet.  

    But also, the green economy has the potential to be exactly what the United States -maybe the world- needs to get out of this economic slump. If properly funded, the development and implementation of green technology could very well create millions of jobs.  With our unemployment rates the highest they’ve been since the Great Depression, that’s a promising situation.

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    In addition to the great reasons listed above, young people are getting into green jobs because it is a growing industry and they are more readily available than jobs in other industries. Even in an economic recession, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that jobs related to or concerned with the environment will grow almost 40 percent more than all other job industries combined by 2016. These statistics make focusing on the green jobs industry when looking for work an appealing strategy for new graduates and other young people looking for work.

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    In my opinion:

    Unlike much of previous generations, the present generation of college graduates, as well as their children, won’t be dead before damage done to the environment meets them with dire consequences. Therefore, it’s possible that today’s youth feel more of a sense of urgency for environmental friendliness.

    For our grandparents, our great-grandparents, our great-great-grandparents, and to a lesser extent, our parents, the world and her resources were vast. And because of industrialization as well as a need for greater technologies, ravaging the environment of it’s seemingly infinate resources. However, the more populations and industry grew, the smaller our world became, and now there is greater pressure to more carfully protect what now seems a stressingly finite supply.

    It’s best, I think, to see this in terms of survivability. Rapid Industrialization played a key role in the outcomes of both World Wars, as well as the Cold War, so this consumption of large amounts of resources was more of an imperative than an aim to luxury. But it beooves present generations to manage these resources MUCH more carefully, as they see themselves and their consumption as being their own greatest threat.

    But that’s a HUGE generalization.

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    I agree with the above answers and would like to reinforce the idea that “green industry” will present the next economic boom for the world. Everyone from former president Bill Clinton, who referred to it as the “trillion dollar industry” to Bill Gates argues that investing in sustainable technologies and energy is the way forward. For young people, therefore, getting degrees and pursuing work in the “green industry” combines both a passion for environmental conservation with good fiscal sense.

    Then, on a more personal note, I feel that our generation was raised to respect and appreciate the environment – everything that sesame street cartoon about turning off your tap while you brush your teeth (which I still remember!) to shows like the Wild Thornberrys to the plethora of National Geographic videos we watched in school has geared many of us to be environmentalists from the get-go.

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