Why do you think we haven’t found evidence of intelligent life in outer space yet?



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    There is a very good case for life on other planets. The case for intelligent life is also pretty strong, just because of the sheer number of planets in the universe (it’s possible, though generally regarded as unlikely, that there simply is no other sentient life). However, the only evidence we can plausibly find for intelligent life is radio waves that they transmit. It’s entirely possible that some intelligent life hasn’t developed the technology for radio waves. It’s even more likely that most of the intelligent life lives too far away for their radio waves to reach us in the relatively brief amount of time we’ve been monitoring for these radio waves. It’s also possible that the life communicates using means we don’t know about and can’t monitor for. I encourage you to read up on SETI; the wiki page at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SETI is a great start.

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    Because we don’t know enough about anything yet or have the technology to find out. That is the underlying theme though there are many reasons we haven’t found any evidence of intelligent life. For example, Universe, we’re not even sure there is only one. M Theory suggests that even the Big Bang was nothing more than your average Tuesday – so to speak – in the grand scheme of things. Though if the, gaining in popularity, M theory holds true it means that there is definitely other life. We might may not find life before we are able to scientifically prove that there has to be some out there somewhere.
    Also life is not that easy to create necessarily. The Earth, though it is a single planet among millions, is still very rare to us. No other planet has anywhere near the life sustaining capabilities that Earth possesses.

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    A team of international researchers believe that they may have discovered evidence of life outside of our planet. They discovered bacteria in the upper atmosphere, which some believe are too far up in the atmosphere to have come from Earth. The bacteria were discovered 25 miles in the atmosphere, above the tropopause. Some scientists believe that it could be from another planet while others believe it may have ended up so high in the atmosphere because the bacteria were at one time on a rocket or satellite that was launched into space.

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    We haven’t really been looking all that long either in both human history and the history of the universe. Who knows what the odds are for finding a situation like ours or something different that supports life. The odds will increase as our technology increases.

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    There are all sorts of theories out there about why not. Some people believe there is no other life. Some others believe that there is, and we just haven’t found them yet. There are also those that believe we have already made contact, but it is suppressed by the world’s governments (the conspiracy theorists). Perhaps there is an intelligence shouting at us right now, but we cannot answer because we don’t know how or we lack the capacity. You also have your “ancient astronaut” theorists who believe that aliens have been here before, and helped shape mankind as well. There are so many factors to this question, so it is difficult to have a singular answer. I believe that in terms of knowledge of the universe, we humans have barely scratched the surface, so who knows what we may learn tomorrow.

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