why do you think species are endangered?



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    Many species become endangered when their habitat is threatened by human agency, like the practice of deforestation. In fact, humans are largely responsible for the extinction of animals, except in cases like the extinction of the dinosaur where there was a massive environmental impact that killed them all. It is safe to say that all contemporary extinction in the time of humans is caused by humans. Development and pollution are the biggest causes of extinction. Poaching also plays a role. 

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    lilykosmicki has a good general answer, but it really depends on the species and subspecies.

    Attached is a video about why rhinos are in danger of becoming extinct, with two subspecies having less than 10 surviving individuals.

    For rhinos, they are endangered because there is a widespread myth that rhino horns have medicinal properties, which has been disproved scientifically.

    Illegal poachers sell the horns on the black market, killing so many rhinos that we are facing the probability of rhino extinction.

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    Species become endangered for various reasons and unfortunately humans are not doing enough to prevent animals from becoming threatened and endangered. Here are some reasons why animals become endangered.

    1. Habitat Loss: This is the greatest reason why species become endangered. Animals lose their ecosystem/ home due to urbanization. Homes, roads, buildings, industries are built over swamps, rainforests, deserts and etc for people to live or for people to profit from.

    2. Pollution: Toxic substances are the causes of disease and death. Toxins contaminate the soil , water and air where it is consumed and causes illness and death to species.

    3. Competition with other Species: Sometimes there are too many species in an area and some species are unable to compete with one another.

    4. Disease: Disease that happens naturally.

    5. Poaching: Unregulated and illegal hunting is another cause of animals becoming endangered. Animals are killed for collection, profit, food and sport. Sometimes regulations do not stop poachers from killing and selling endangered animal parts because once an animal is endangered they are considered rare and so they are worth more.

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    Another cause not mentioned is a loss of meadows due to lack of forest fires and big game animals. Many species depend upon meadows, especially frogs. As large game animals vanish and fires are put out in order to protect homes, these meadows often are overtaken by chaparal and forest. Without the meadows, species that depend upon meadows die off.

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    Because they are dieing…

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