Why do you think soccer or Futbol is so popular?



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    Because it is played competively in just about every country throughout the world, requires a huge amount of skill, is relatively easy to follow, requires little more than two nets and a ball (which make it easy for developing countries to participate), and throws one of the biggest sporting tournaments in the world–the FIFA world cup. Though kicking the ball into a net may seem easy enough, it is only the most dedicated and the most talented that succeed. Ones’ foot-work has to be impecable to compete at top levels, and that is acquired only through hard work, perserverance, and dedication. Also, the sport is awesome, and beautiful to watch.

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    It’s also vey easy to play, all you need is a ball really.  The rules are easy to understand so virtually anyone can play it.  It’s also very inexpensive.  Some sports require so much equipment that many people just can’t afford.  All you need is a ball and something to use as goals and you are set.  Children and adults alike can enjoy playing and watching it!

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    To me, sports are the modern “war games”. While war does still exist, the opinion of it has shifted over time. In the modern developed world, war is generally frowned upon, but humans still maintain that aggressive streak. It’s not just limited to soccer or football either! Any physical and competitive sport lets humans get out their natural violent/combatative streaks in a healthy way. The enjoyment of people watching it could possibly be traced to a car wreck phenomenon (where people are attracted to carnage or violence, albeit in the frame of sports its a lot less harmful), the desire to socialize (sports get togethers are very popular!), or a form of “danger” and “competition” at a level the viewers feel more safe with (betting on the outcome, for example).

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