Why do you think so few companies are trying to make themselves green?



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    Actually, more and more companies are taking extra steps to be more green, be it improving the efficiency of their equipment, implementing recycling programs, etc. It helps these companies save money and prepare for when carbon regulations and such become a concern.

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    It seems like a daunting task for a business to go green, even though the process can be rather simple and make the company more efficient in the long run.  Companies are worried about the extra costs, the change in philosophy, and the fear that growing green will reduce their overall productivity.  

    There is a lot of unfounded fear when companies think about going green. It mostly comes from the universal fear of change and leaving the past behind.  It is important to change with the times, however, and realize that going green won’t ruin or bankrupt a business.  A company can start small and just reduce paper consumption.  By setting attainable goals along the way, the process of going green completely seems easier and more manageable. 

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    I think “green marketing” is actually on the rise. But I do have to say that going green is more complicated than it sounds; perhaps that’s why you think fewer companies are making themselves green. Think about it this way, if a company promotes being green but doesn’t actually meet expectations, the company will be slashed by investors, consumers, and critics. Also, think about the idea of greenwashing – many companies today declare their products and policies to be eco-friendly but in reality they are false declarations hoping to lure naive buyers. If a company is caught to be using this technique, think about the consequences it might have. Therefore, to avoid this trouble, companies choose to continue on their “safe” path. 

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