Why do you think that settlers rode horses and ate cattle instead of the other way around?



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    Well I think its because cows aren’t exactly speedy animals.  Horses are born to run and therefore this made travel quicker.  It would take much, much longer to get places riding a cow.  Also, cows are just meatier animals and are very easy to domesticate.  Horses are a bit harder to tame and it would have been more difficult to keep 1000 horses calm on a farm than 1000 cows. 

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    Cows have a strange gait, and are much bigger around than horses.  They also generally have horns (most dairy cows have them removed when they are young) which would cause a lot of injury if the rancher/farmer was bucked off.  Also, I think that horses are probably a bit smarter, thus they do not easily lend themselves to being herded, plus they do not produce as much milk.

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