Why do you think its taking so long to get any sort of a climate bill passed?



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    I feel that it is taking so long to pass a climate bill because of the additions to the bills. All of the climate bills so far have been relatively similar in how we would reduce climate change. The problems arise when certain parties negotiate and add unrelated topics into the bill. A climate change bill is going to be very hard to pass with a Republican majority because their values lie differently than democrats. Republicans put more of an emphasis on our deficit and the war. Democrats tend to play up the environmental damage, but have no way to pay for the changes. Another reason that I don’t think a climate bill will pass anytime soon is because everyone is still unhappy with the new healthcare reform bill. Healthcare is more important in congress right now than the climate. This is kind of absurd because most of the health problems are because of environmental factors. Hopefully I am wrong and we can pass a bill soon that will actually lead the United States in the right direction.

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    Environmental issues have always taken a backseat to other issues. Politicians have two primary focuses: getting reelected and getting reelected. Lobbyists and special interests groups are constantly giving money to politicians to keep their political agendas afloat. It’s a lot cheaper to use for power plants to use cooling towers and use corn in almost every food imaginable than to do the right thing for the environment.

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