Why do you think it’s bad to use too much energy?



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    Unless you’re using a clean energy source, like solar panels or wind power, using energy burns coal.  This releases CO2, which worsens global warming. So, the more energy people use, the more pronounced the effects of global warming get. 

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    I don’t think it is good to get in a habit of using energy just to use it no matter the source. Even if it is clean energy one still does not neet to have the lights on in another room. It is not economical.

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    Energy is not free and it is not good for the environment. Most of our energy sources are non-renewable and their extracting and use are harmful to our environment. Even if we are using renewable energy, we still must be conscious of our use of it. For now, not all our energy is renewable and so conserving every kind of energy is equally important because our transition into renewable energy helps to keep fossil fuels from exhausting. Fossil fuels are necessary for uses other than an energy source like in the production of plastics and other materials.

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