Why do you think going green matters?



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    In my opinion, going green matters because if we do not, we will ruin our planet to the extent that it will become difficult for it to sustain life. This in turn makes it more difficult for humans and other animals to adapt, putting all organism’s lives at risk.

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    It matters because we all live in this one world together!

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    Everyone has to do their part to try to protect the environment and help our planet. Humans have caused incredible damage to the earth and everyone has to care enough to try to stop and reverse these effects. It is important for ourselves and for our children. Now is the time to act and everyone must work together for the common cause.

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    I think that going green matters because the environment has a direct impact on every person’s life.  An unhealthy environment poses as a threat to all living species, and I see going green as the only way to prevent extinction.  In my opinion, the earth will undoubtedly outlive humans.  A healthy environment helps ensure the continuation of life.

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    I think going green matters because we have to protect the environment we live in. We shouldn’t have to live in an unhealthy, polluted area. We have to give back to our natural habitat and make sure it stays clean and fresh. 

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