Why do you think that environmental education is important?



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    Environmental education helps us connect with nature. It helps us to create memories in places, learn what makes them special, inspires us, and drives us to conserve the natural world. Environmental education is especially important for our youth, so we can teach them environmental stewardship and how much we rely on the Earth’s resources in order to survive. We should want to protect beautiful natural places and their species for future generations. I think that environmental education helps inspire people to do so. 

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    Yes!!! In fact, I think that environmental education should take precedence over many of the useless things we learn in school. Specifically, we should be learning practical things like how to cook with a solar, how to make things out of discarded items instead like cardboard boxes instead of brand-new materials like construction paper, and how to ride a bicycle safely in PE class instead of just bouncing around a basketball. These are life skills that everyone should know.

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    I think environmental education is a very important component in education because without it, people grow up with a lack of or incomplete understanding and awareness of the natural environment around them and the impacts their actions have on their surroundings. Environmental education is especially important in grade school because young people are more impressionable and curious of what they are taught. Personally, I would not be where I am today if I didn’t take environmental science in high school. I would not study environmental science in college. I would not choose to take public transit. I would not choose to eat less meat. I would not make the buying choice I made. I would not donate money to environmental NGOs. I would not think more carefully on the potential impacts that my actions will have on the environment. I would not be able to communicate effectively to others about environmental issues. I hope to one day be an environmental educator, so that people would learn more about sustainability and be motivated to do something about it. 

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