Why do you think that China is able to get away with the 1 child rule?



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    The government of China is quite different from the government of the United States, and as such their citizens are under different regulations, which allow them to pass laws that may seem very odd to us.

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    China is a communist state, therefore many parts of life that americans view as basic freedoms don’t necessarily apply there. If property can be controlled, then apparently so can the number of children that you can have. Other countries have gotten away with much worse. 

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    China restricts political and civil rights in order to progress economic and social rights. It is able to continue this because of its tremendous economic power in trading. The United States, UN, etc. will not restrict China from committing itself to the one child rule because of its tremendous amount of cheap labor.

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    The “1-child rule” is more complicated than it seems. Some families are not penalized for having more than one child – this is especially true for minority families, meaning those who are not Han Chinese. Furthermore, the one-child policy was initiated amdist international pressure that China curb its overpopulation.

    On the other hand, the reason the government gets away with pressuring families not to have children, sometimes allegedly encouraging abortions, is because this kind of coercion isn’t written into official policy. State coercion has been a problem in China in general since the communist revolution of 1949, but like I said, the tactics used to get things done are not necessarily “official” tactics, even if they are undertaken by “officials.”

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