Why do you think that bidets have not become popular in America?



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    I think it is because it is not socially acceptable. There is really no reason for this, we as a culture just never got started with bidets. I think now that it is too late for bidets to become accepted, now it is just thought as weird. 

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    I think it’s because Americans have become so accustomed to taking showers and baths on the regular that they see no use for the bidet. Water is seen as less of a luxury and more of a staple here that showering every day is considered normal and not necessarily wasteful. Why use a bidet or put one in your bathroom if you’re just going to clean the same parts when you get in the shower? When a group of fellow Americans and I studied abroad in France, none of us ever felt the inclination to use our host families’ bidets. We all definitely used more shower water than our hosts did too.

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      If you ever used one, you would instantly know the answer to your question. When you shower, the water tumbles downward. When you use a bidet, the water sprays upward on your private parts to do a better job of cleaning. A cleansing like this following a BM cannot be done this well any other way. Unless of course, you are lucky enough to have a spray nozzle in your shower….but then again, this requires getting all of the way undressed just so you can do the same “spray upward” job. With a bidet, you can remain dressed except for your undergarments.

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    Americans don’t really like things that are French.  It’s dumb, but it’s true.

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    Better to have a box of wipes on every toilet? Bidets are a great idea and can be found in high end homes and hotels in Canada, even the west coast where few of us speak French.

    I would be very pleased if they could be found in department stores and fixture stores. Instead, right now Sears would not recognize a bidet from a badger. I think we should all consider incorperating this clean and hands free way of tidying up your naughty bits – before and behind.

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    I wish I knew the answer to that question as well. I have never been happier than when my husband decided to have one installed in our bathroom in 1972. It is the best thing that ever happened to this family. How much cleaner can you feel? Not much!     anon 39396

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    As an American the bidet scares me, ha! I think it is something that is not part of our culture. Until it becomes something that kids grow-up it will be hard to make an impact on the American culture.

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