Why do you think Americans watch so much TV?


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    It could be a reflection of boredom and a lack of stimulation received from other avenues of life.  The television has become the centerpiece of American entertainment, so for many people, it is their primary source of stimulation.

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    It is safe to say that people watch so much TV because it is probably the best source of entertainment out there that you can have while sitting around basically doing nothing.  Television stimulates both sight and hearing while other forms of entertainment such as reading only stimulate sight, and music stimulates hearing.  As far as why Americans watch more television than many other countries, I think that part of it is because we have such a broad range of programs, so pretty much everyone can find something that they want to watch.  Many other nations do not have the same selection, so if there is nothing on that they want to watch, they will find something better and more productive to do.

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    It doesn’t require a lot of physical activity plus people like to eat while watching television. It becomes a habit and in many cases a hobby! Some people are comfortable in that position due to insecurities, lack of finances, or personal issues. On the other hand, many families unite to watch television after dinner.

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    According to at least one report on American TV habits at least 99 percent of American households have at least one TV.  On average Americans have their TV switched on almost seven hours a day — equaling about 250 billion hours of TV watching per year (accumulated over the American population).

    As others have noted above, Americans may just be accustomed to having the tube turned on.  Our attention spans get shorter, cultural reinforces the necessity of TV watching — and, beside, where can a person go these days without seeing massive plasma TVs?

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    Americans watch a lot of television because they work all day in a depressing office park, and their spirit is killed.  When they get home from work, they want to do something — to be engaged or entertained in some way — and watching television requires the least amount of effort.

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    I think that Americans watch so much T.V. because not only is it entertaining, but is socially accepted as something to do for long periods of time. In other places, there is less T.V. watched because it is not seen as socially acceptable to waste hours on end on it. 

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    A lot of Americans watch TV because it’s somewhat of a release from the stressful workday.  We are living in such a fast paced, go go go society that it’s often hard to find a time to sit down with the family.  

    Others watch TV simply out of boredom — this is a problem because it reflects physical and mental laziness.  It’s one thing to watch a couple of shows a day, but it’s quite another to spend the majority of your day behind a TV screen.  It’s my personal opinion that kids watching too much TV and not exercising/getting outside is worsening the obesity epidemic in America. 

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    Our TV watching habits start as kids. TV is perceived by many parents as one of the only safe unsupervised activities left for their children. The media has brought abductions to the forefront of the American parents minds in recent decades, though there has been no research saying that actual dangers have increased. Because of this, children are not allow to explore the natural world in their down time and instead fill their time with television.

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    Because so many have never been taught how to read with enjoyment

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    Because Americans work so hard during the day that they need something to entertain themselves that requires little effort. The capitalist system has required everyone (besides those who inherited money) to work their butt off and never stop. This has created much stress and TV allows us to rewind. 

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    I used to watch a lot of t.v., for the same reasons as above- It’s entertaining, after work it felt good to relax, too lazy etc. When I moved a few years ago and decided not to take my t.v. with me, I switched to watching movies which are much more valuable entertainment-wise in my opinion. Then, I eventually fazed that out too. Now, it seems I’m the only one on the beach or out on a walk, and can see people through the windows watching “the glow.” What’s the point? Cable is too idiotic now-a-days, too expensive, and life is too short!

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    Americans demand instant gratification. Whether it is Uncle Ben’s 60 second rice, or a half hour T.V. adventure. Reading takes longer and requires somewhat of a time commitment. If a T.V. show is bad, it takes you half a second to enter a new experience. 

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    Iti s a cheap and accessible form of entertainment. Also it comes with variety in the many programming available for consumption.

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