Why do you think that Americans are so resistant to getting renewable energy instead of coal energy?



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    Most forms of renewable energy carry some drawbacks (aesthetic, practical, financial, or a combination). Nuclear power, one of the cleanest types of energy in terms of the environment, tends to be viewed with suspicion by the general public thanks to a few infamous accidents at nuclear reactors. And often it’s just difficult to convince people to change their habits or thinking.

    Despite this, the outlook for renewable energy in the United States is good; the current administration seems committed to research and development, and a recent survey reported that more than 80% of US residents support a move towards renewable energies.

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    I am not trying to be mean, but I am an American and I am not resistant to renewable forms of energy, so try not to generalize. Some Americans are resistant to renewable energy because of the upfront costs. Everything is about money for a lot of Americans. If the initial cost of great, although the long term savings is even greater, people may not see the advantage. Some Americans just do what is right for their pocketbook and not the environment.  

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