Why do you people like to tell lies about climate change?

The problem is not that the average person doesn’t understand the idiots pushing climate change. We understand all too well. It’s all about stealing tax dollars and anti-capitalism. The new Green is the old Red.



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    I don’t think the problem is people telling lies about climate change as much as having a difference in opinions about it.  Many people can use statistics to “prove” climate change is a very present danger to Earth while other will use stats to prove otherwise.  It all depends on which side you want to put your weight behind.  People from both sides also believe that the other side lies because it is funded by companies that want to either support the climate change idea or the idea that climate change is not a big deal.

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    I have answered a great many questions on Greenanswers regarding climate change and climate change denial, and I would like someone to point out to me a single demonstrable example of a “lie” that I’ve told.

    Climate change is real and there’s no question that it is caused by human activity. The evidence marshaled by the International Panel on Climate Change in 2001, which was reaffirmed in another report in 2007, has never been refuted. Scientists all over the world agree that global warming is a reality and that it is caused by humans. Your statement regarding “stealing tax dollars” and “anti-capitalism” is an opinion, which is different than fact. I think people’s opinions on how best to combat climate change can and should legitimately differ. However, denial of scientific fact based on an ideological opposition to some (not all) potential actions that may be taken to remediate it is simply illogical. Not everyone who believes in anthropogenic global warming supports a “carbon tax” and not everyone who thinks we should set greenhouse gas emissions targets (such as the rest of the world has done with the Kyoto Protocols) is “anti-capitalist.” Surely there will be those who disagree, but let’s at least be correct about what we’re disagreeing on, which is not the science of climate change but the political and economic response to it.

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    Capitalism and environmentalism aren’t mutually exclusive.  It is this mindset that is responsible for the legislation deadlock America is experiencing today — nothing extensive is being passed to help protect the earth against harmful human activity.  People can still choose to not believe in global warming despite the overwhelming scientific evidence, but one needs a good reason to disbelieve it.  You cannot rely on suspicious conspiracy theories that claim all environmentalists want to completely dismantle America’s economic foundation and save trees.  This simply is not true.  Most people concerned about the environment want to work within the system to help bring about positive change.  This might not be the fastest way, but if we can make green mainstream, it will greatly help the health of this planet — I am sorry that you feel that environmentalists are somehow comparable to the communists of the ’50s because it is simply not true. People appreciate civil debate, not fear infused rhetoric.  

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