Why do you peel when you get a sunburn?



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    When the outer layer of skin is damaged by a burn your body “instructs” the damaged layer of skin to peel away to avoid additional problems.  Your body is essentially getting rid of the damaged cells and replacing them with the new layer underneath.

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    Peeling is the bodies response to getting rid of damaged cells. It is important that this happens because the cells can turn into cancer if they are not taken away.  

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    A sunburn is the response of your body towards too much UV radiation exposure. The cells become damaged with too much sun exposure, and peeling is the way the body rids itself of these damaged cells. Damaged cells are at a much higher risk of becoming cancerous, therefore the body wants to shed them as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, while the top layer of cells are gone, there may still be damage to the cells underneath that can prevent their defense mechanisms and peeling from working correctly in the future.

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