Why do you, or don’t you recycle?

What convinced you to recycle? I have many friends who are completely ambivalent about recycling and will not put any extra effort into it, while I, will pack stuff in my luggage on a cross country flight if I cannot find an appropriate place to put my recycling in the location I am visiting. What is your motivation, or what might motivate you to change?



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    For me personally, I need to know that what I am putting in the recycling bin can, and will, actually get recycled. If I’m not sure my efforts are making a positive impact, I have much less motivation to take them.

    Also, and this may sound bad, but I used to think that there was no point in separating glass bottles into the recycling bin since homeless people rummage through the cans every morning to pull them out. However, after watching closely, I’ve noticed that the homeless do not always take glass from the trash, so oftentimes it is sent to the dump. Now I know that by putting the glass in the recycling bin, although it takes a detour, it will be more likely to eventually find its way to a recycling facility than if I put it in the trash.

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    Reducing the amount of stuff going in landfills is why it’s important to me. We have enough trash that is seeping into our Earth and causing all sorts of health problems for us and the ecosystem.

    I try and explain the benefits of recycling to others. I’m always surprised how many people have the “who cares? it probably end up in the same place anyway” mentality.

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    I do recycle because it is actually illegal to NOT do so in Boulder county. I believe that a government-required program that initiates recycling is an extremely useful way to inspire people to recycle. In Boulder, you will be fined if the county finds you improperly using different recycle bins, or not using them at all. By providing marked bins to every household, recycling is a no-brainer (not to mention the CU Boulder campus, which is full of signs imploring you to recycle, and to reuse containers rather than throw away paper cups).

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    I do recycle at the apartment I live in. The apartment that I live in only has a recycling bin for cardboard which I find strange. We have put two trashcans outside of the bin and labeled one cans and the other bottles. In the area I live we have a lot of homeless or poorer people that love to recycle and we make it easy for them to just grab all the cans and or bottles from the bins at a given time. So far it has worked well hopefully the apartment complex doesn’t get rid of the trashcans and we can continue to recycle this way.

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    I recycle for the same reason many people recycle: to keep materials out of landfills.  It also sets a precendent.  When you think about it, recycling is something that almost everybody does.  It’s like an environmental baseline that hopefully we can build upon with things like composting.

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    I recycle because i feel an obligation and responsibility to everything that’s beyond me.  There are many beautiful places and things that I have been fortunate to experience, and I want to make sure that other people and future generations get to experience the same thing.  Sometimes it takes extra effort and I’m almost put off by it, but then I feel incredibly lazy and couldn’t imagine justifying that as an excuse to someone.  I also think of the animals who suffer if we don’t recycle and how important it is to do it for them since they can’t do it for themselves, especially when they don’t create the situation to begin with.

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    I recycle because I feel its the right thing to do. The more waste that we can keep from going to our landfills the better. Recycling is just one way to do that. When I was a kid my intentions were a bit different. Recycling soda cans was my way of getting money to buy things my parents wouldn’t buy for me. I think as you get older and understand it a bit more it becomes less about the money and more about the good of the environment.

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    I recycle because I feel good doing it. I feel like I can actually do something even if it is the smallest bit. I believe in our children’s future and I believe in mine as well. I feel that we can coexist with nature and a few ways of doing this is by reducing, reusing, and recycling. 

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