Why do you need to consume more protein when you work out?



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    Exercise makes tiny tears in muscles, and the tears caused are healed and rebuilt in a way that makes the muscle stronger. Protein is used in the body for muscle repair and gain, and it is imperative to supplement exercise with protein to promote growth in your muscles.

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    have protien after every work out, cuz when u work out, your muscle is burning down the protien in ur body ofcourse with the carbohydrates and sugar…., but maily the protien is gone, and when u eat it builds the muscle bigger and stronger


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    Like a previous poster said, protein helps rebuild muscles after working out. However, the benefits of protein do not stop there. According to bodybuilding.com, “Proteins are also used to manufacture hormones, enzymes, cellular messengers, nucleic acids, and immune-system components”. Protein is essential not only for building muscle, but also for sustaining cardiovascular function (which helps burn fat), and muscle contraction. If you exercise often, but don’t eat enough protein, you won’t see the results you want and you’ll be more prone to injury, as protein helps heal the muscles after exercise. So, after a workout, make sure to have a protein bar or shake (or anything high in protein and low in calories).

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