Why do you get so sore after you lift weights?



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    Muscles often experience soreness 12 to 48 hours after a unusually strenuous activity, mainly when you are begining a new exercise program or routine.  This is believed to be caused by tiny, tiny tears in your muscle when they are overexterted and used in ways that your body is not accustomed to. 

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    The soreness that occurs a little while after lifting comes from the tiny tears in muscle tissue that occured during the workout. These are completely normal; in fact, they allow the muscle to grow. When you lift weights or perform any intense activity using muscles, the muscle tissue will break down a little, causing you to feel weak and sore. But soon, new tissue will grow to close the gaps, making the muscle as a whole larger. This should lessen over time as the body gets more used to working out. An intense pain that comes during or right after a workout could signal an injury.

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    Muscle soreness after strength training is a result of microtears and lactic acid buildup. This lactic acid buildup occurs when you perform anaerobic exercise–an exercise in which your body’s ability to provide your muscles with oxygen is not enough to keep it operating at peak efficiency (the opposite would be aerobic exercise, where oxygen volume is equal to work done) and so it switches to a different fuel source. This fuel source can keep you moving, but at the same time at the cost of lactic acid buildup, a remnant of the reaction that provides your muscles with energy. Strength training is anaerobic, which can lead to a large amount of muscle soreness.

    The best way to rid your body of lactic acid is a post-workout potassium dose. Bananas are a great way to do just that–not only does it deliver a healthy amount of potassium to get your body recovering right away, but it also provides a large amount of water, which is excellent post workout.

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