Why do you care about the environment?



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    Reference this question. It has 16 responses and is essentially asking the same thing. Lots of great answers!


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    My interest stems from an interest in providing the basic amenities to humanity worldwide – which may not seem immediately connected to environment, but it is in that so much of the world does not have access to clean water, clean air, cheap energy – things that they have been preemptively robbed of by nations that industrialized before them. I feel that the true mark of a progressive society is the comfort of the lowest socioeconomic, which in turn allows for mobility and success regardless of where or in what conditions you were born. I believe that this, social responsibility is a part of environmentalism and an obligation of those who were lucky enough to be born in nations with the basic amenities available to the majority of the population.

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    I care about the environment because i care about what happens to the future of this planet. I’m still trying to figure out how i fit in with it all, but that is basically why.

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    I care about the environment because I really don’t like the thought of something being exploited and not cared for. I have always been a person who rather be out in nature, but since we use so much from the environment to live our comfortable lives, I think it is only fair we preserve it and take care of it as much as we can.

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    The environment is important to me because it was here before people. I think that says a lot by itself…but I also want to say that nature doesn’t have a way to protect itself. People can protect themselves from the things of nature that harm them, but nature doesn’t have the ability to protect itself from us. People are always searching for the reason as to why humans exist, and a simple answer is that since other things exist along side with us, our purpose can be said to coexist. And part of coexisting with nature and the environment, is protecting it.

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    I grew up near the oceans and near tons of open space. This fostered a genuine love of and deep respect for nature. I feel like its my duty to to do everything in my power to preserve it- for myself and for future generations. 

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    I care about the environment because it is essentially our habitat. With a dirty, unhealthy environment, we would suffer. I’ve always believed that we have to treat the environment right. I know some people who get caught up in the daily life of work and school, but it’s important to always be aware of our environment and know that it’s a beautiful place that we need to keep clean. 

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    My religious faith reminds me that we are stewards of this planet and our actions represent our character.  Nature is a refugee when I am lost. The vast beauty which may be seen simply by looking out my window gives me renewed strength and I believe it is our responsibility to be good stewards so that future generations wil be able to live in harmony with nature.

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