Why do you care about climate change? Are you doing anything personally to help?



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    I’m concerned that man-made climate change will melt the polar ice caps and flood the coastal areas.

    I’m afraid that man-made climate change is changing the weather patterns.

    I’m terrified that the Atlantic current will change or maybe even stop all together.

    I don’t drive most of the time. I take the bus and walk to where I need to go whenever I can. My car uses gas and I can’t afford to change it out so I just try to not use it when I can. I also turn off my monitor when I’m not looking at it, and I turn off my computer when I’ll be away for more than a half hour. I unplug all the things around the house when not in use. I clean under my fridge to make it more efficient. I buy local. I don’t buy out of season.

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    Why do I care? because I don’t want all of our coastal cities to be flooded by rising sea levels which is the likely result of continued global warming (climate change) and the melting of the icecaps. Also, want our food supplies to continue to be able to provide for our entire population; this is jeopardized by increasing global temperatures and droughts.
    Am I doing anything to help? On a personal level I have started riding my bike and using public transportation more often, i.e. even when it will be slightly inconvenient in terms of wait times and walking to and from the bus stop.

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    I care because I want future generations of my family to be able to experience the world as close as possible to the way that I can experience it now. And I care because many health problems are linked to environmental causes. I have sports-induced asthma due to smog and pollution. It’s changed my life- I can’t run a mile outdoors. I used to be a cross country runner and run 60 miles a week.

    I think that the best thing that someone can do for the environment is take responsibility, and to make whatever small changes that they can in their lives. For example, I just graduated from college and make very little money. Therefore, shopping organic isn’t in my budget. However, I do other things such as recycle, reuse everything, and limit my consumption in order to reduce my dependence on the environment.

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    I care about climate change because it has a direct impact on my life, and on future generations as well.  I am afraid that at the rate we are going, we are going to face dire consequences much sooner than we think.  It is important that we all do what we can, or else we might not have anywhere to live.  To do my part, I rely entirely on public transit, do not eat red meat, and try to limit my overall consumption.  These are all simple changes that I have made in my life, that are simple, but have an impact.

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    I care about climate change because I consider it to be a real threat to our environment. I think it is scary that animals are losing their homes and that island nations like the Maldives may not be around for a long time because of the drastic climate change. I rely on public transportation and walking as much as possible in efforts to do my part in regards to climate change.

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