Why do worms come to the top of the grass after it rains?



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    It is so that they don’t suffocate, and also just because that’s the only time they can come up top without drying out.  Worms respirate, or breathe, through their skin, which must stay nice and moist.  When it rains a lot and the ground becomes saturated with water, it is difficult for the worms to get oxygen.  Also, when the surface of the ground is moist, worms can come above ground and move across the surface without drying out.  Here is a link to some earthworm facts.

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    When it rains the holes that earthworms have used to burrow underground can fill up with water. Worms do not have a door on their holes and water comes pouring in with each rain. The worm breathes through holes in its skin and can suffocate and drown if water enters the holes. The worms crawl to the surface so they do not drown in the water in their holes. Many worms die because they dry out when the rain stops and the sun comes out.

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    it floods ther tunnles causeing them to squerm to the surfice

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