Why do worms come to the surface after a rain?



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    They surface after rain because the oxygen transferred between their soil and bloodstream becomes greatly reduced when they are surrounded by water. Water holds less oxygen than air, and they rely on the air in the soil to diffuse ample oxygen through their skin. Coming to the surface increases their oxygen uptake when water saturates soil and displaces the air in it.

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    WormsWorms are covered in a mucus which facilitates gas exchange, and as a result, they must stay moist. Most of the time, conditions above ground are too dry and hot for wormswormsworms, and the wormswormsworms will dry out and die because they cannot breathe. After a rain, the environment is moist, facilitating breathing and also making it easier to crawl along the ground, so wormswormsworms are encouraged to surfacesurfacesurface.

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