Why do women that are pregnant have weird cravings?



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    Hormones is one answer. Some theories also  state that these cravings signify what the body is lacking in or needs more of for the pregnancy. For example, the common craving for milk might mean you need more calcium, and an appetite for more salty foods might mean that you need more sodium due to the increase in blood volume. These theories given by some experts lack enough scientifc evidence to be proven though.

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    There are a few theories regarding the causes of strange cravings during pregnancy.  Some state that they’re caused by the sudden rush of hormones that women experience during their pregnancies, but there is little consensus as to what the actual mechanism is that causes women to crave strange foods.  Other theories suggest that the cravings are a way of signaling to the woman what her body needs (ie. if a woman constantly craves citrus fruit, her body may need more vitamin C than it is getting).  Another less commonly accepted theory states that these odd cravings may be a sort of Darwinian mechanism to ensure that the developing fetus gets enough calories to grow properly, especially while the mother may be experiencing nausea that prevents her from eating normally.

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