Why do wind turbines need to be so large?



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    Part of the answer has to do with  economics. Up to a certain point, larger wind turbines are are less expensive to install per Kw gained. The same infrastructure has to be installed whether it is for a small wind turbine or a larger one, so economics dictates that it is more effective to install a larger wind turbine. Wind flow is also more constant and often has a higher velocity above the immediate land’s surface, where it easily altered by land forms and vegetation, so larger wind tubrines are better at capturing this energy.

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    Because this makes them efficient. Wind turbines that are larger can spin even at moderate wind speeds because a lot of air passes though the blades, so the air mass is harnessed at a greater efficiency at a better consistency. Now if turbines were smaller that would make them much more inconsistent, varying widely from barely producing energy to generating too much to actually store. Wind is pretty unpredictable already, so designers had to come up with the most efficient idea to harness wind whenever it’s possible, this happens to be achieved with large turbines.

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