Why do wind power projects have such a hard time getting approved?



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    Noise is a big issue with wind turbines.  In the distance, they look so majestic, but up close, you hear a constant whirring and whooshing sound, and some of them have an annoying, high-pitched whine.  I’m a big fan of green power, but like most people, I enjoy whatever peace and quiet I can find, and I wouldn’t want to live near a wind farm, or even a large turbine on a neighbor’s land.  Wind farms aren’t good neighbors, so NIMBYism takes over, and people fight the permitting process.  

    This is why offshore wind farms and wind farms in isolated areas are a better idea. The problem with this approach is usually related to the grid; the infrastructure to deliver power from the wind farm to the consumer isn’t in place.  When they apply for permits to install the power lines to the wind farm, people fight the permits because they don’t want power lines running near their homes, or obstructing formerly pristine views of nature.  

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