Why do we wait so long to try and save water? It seems like when we post that there is a shortage everyone starts saving water. If we started earlier it wouldn’t be that bad.



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    You are very insightful, myanna! If we all did a little better at planning ahead or thinking into the future we would probably all be a little better off. However, there is a tendency in the  American culture to discount the future–to think that now is more valuable than tomorrow and tomorrow is more valuable than 10 days from now and so on. This is exactly the issue with most resource conservation and business planning–people are so focused on short-term profit that they lose sight of long term trends and how well the resource base will be able to provide for people in the future if it is all extracted now.

    Indeed you are right if the water department of counties that commonly experience water shortages were to alert people further in advance than collectively people could reduce water consumption for longer periods of time but reduce it by less amount, and it could theoretically be less of a disruption for people’s lives. However, people also dont like being told to use less in general, as many people feel a certain amount of entitlement to resources. But, personally, I think your solution is a good one.   

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    Water is seemingly there to be used.  You turn on the faucet, out comes the water.  There is a misconception in many places that water is not on short supply.  Occasionally we hear that it is, but most people are capable of tuning it out or turning a blind eye.  If labels were mandatory on packaging and equipment, a lot like a nutritional label is needed on food packaging, people might better understand the impact of water use. 

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