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    Recycling helps reduce deforestation, slows the consumption of natural resources, and lets us reuse rare natural materials that are perhaps hard to find.

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    Recycling is done in an effort to conserve and protect the natural resources of our planet. Many products can be used more than once or can easily be melted or washed to be reused. This allows us to not have to harvest or mine more of these resources from the earth. Paper comes from cutting trees, but by recycling we can produce many products that save a great number of trees. The same soda cans and glass. We recycle plastic because it is manmade and does not decompose in the landfills. If we continued to just throw away everything the landfills would be full and garbage would be in many natural areas.

    Some people also recycle because it is a source of income. Some places pay for scarp metal or soda cans, providing a small income for the person recycling.

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    We recycle to conserve natural resources and to save energy in making new containers.  Recycling also helps to reduce the amount of garbage deposited in landfills, and subsequently the amount if litter than escapes into surrounding countryside or nearby oceans.

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