Why do we pollute the world when there’s nothing to gain and so much to lose?

Polluting the world means killing the envirnment and the trees. This also means killing ourselves. So why do we pollute anywhay? I mean theres so much to lose and nothing to gain.



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    I think the one big problem with conservation and environmental efforts is they are often not worth the convenience, whether to profit margins, overheads, or even something as simple as having to empty a trashcan and a recycling bin every day. It’s a sad but true fact that people just don’t feel like saving the earth because they don’t see the problems right in front of them, or don’t want to take the time to do it.

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    I think that ignorance is another problem – especially in developing countries. When people are just trying to survive and to find enough food for their family, they probably don’t even realize the pollution that they’re creating. Even 50 years ago in the U.S., I don’t think there was a lot of knowledge about the problems that pollution can cause. I think it’s easy for us to pass judgement when there is so much more scientific knowledge in the present day, but really we need to make an effort to educate people in a constructive way.

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