Why do we not live under the ocean if we have the technology and were born in liquid?



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    Good question! We are born in water, but that is before we are fully independant. In the womb we recieve oxygen via the umbilical cord and do not need to breathe. As we develop, as in, after birth, our lungs become much more important. The technology does exist to build an undersea colony, however it will take some big shoulders and more importantly, big wallets if we’re ever going to see this happen. And even if it did, there are only so many suitable locations around the world. The trenches would still be off limits with current technology.

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    Many people also wouldn’t like to live underwater. I personally wouldn’t because I would feel so unnatural. I’m not particularly fond of being in the deep ocean on a boat, so I wouldn’t like to live undersea either. Not being able to grow food naturally, breathe fresh air, or enjoy a trip to the beach or park would make me an unhappy person!

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