Why do we name constellations?



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    Constellations have been named for thousands of years, even as early as the Greeks. They did this for easy identification purposes and to be able to recognize them in order to discuss them and study them. Constellations were all named in Latin, as that was the language of learning in the earlier times. They also named the constellations to help them navigate through travel. Many people used the stars to guide them in their direction and naming them made it easier to recognize and share direction as well.

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    Many of the constellations names originated from the ancient Greeks.  Several have derived from Latin and are meant to signify shapes of animals and gods thought to be seen in the sky.  Today, we have some of our own names to identify them, such as the Big and Little Dippers which are probably the easiest to see above all. 

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    Just to add to these answers, I think the reason why we name constellations is part of human nature. Our minds are hard-wired to seek patterns in random things. It’s a key part of our intelligence, and a reason why humans have evolved to be the dominant animal on earth, because we have the capacity to reason and draw conclusions from disparate data. Seeing patterns in the stars is a manifestation of this human nature. It’s similar to the game we all used to play of lying down and looking up at the sky and trying to see what objects or shapes the clouds resembled. Constellations also had a key role in ancient mythology, where patterns in the stars were given meanings that corresponded to gods and legends that ancient peoples used to define their cultural identities.

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