Why do we measure gasoline in gallons instead of liters or quarts?



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    Gas is measured in gallons becuase it’s more easier for the people to use. When large gas consumers are selling gas they perfer gallons because it is more simpler regarding math terms. 1 gallon of US gas is 3.78541178 liters. Gallons work better because they have only one number, a liter has many numbers and can confuse some one easliy. Gallons just work better than liters. Hope this helps. 🙂

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    Outside of America, gasoline is measured in liters. I went up to Canada with my family several years ago and saw that they were selling gas in liters. In Canada, they also sell milk in 4-liter jugs instead of gallon jugs. Americans are simply more accustomed to seeing things sold in gallons, quarts, and fluid ounces than they are to seeing things sold in international/metric units. There is really no reason why Americans shouldn’t switch to the metric system other than the fact that using our own system makes us feel special.

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