Why do we make so many single use cooking items?

Like the garlic masher, plantains peeler, and crap.



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    My guess is just that we in America love to eat food and make ridiculous dishes. Americans love to cook and many people have that as a hobby, which leads to products like the garlic masher and sheers made specially to cut pizza. There are a lot of foodies in this country that love products like this. Here are some other outrageous ones.

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    There are so many tools being marketed that are unnecessary. My friend told me about seeing a single sandwich tupperware like container that had a compartment to put an ice pack in. Who needs this? It reminds me of a post i wrote a few months ago about this topic. The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb talks about a concept that people tend to think that a really specific purpose means that it is more likely. See my link to read more about what i mean.

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