Why do we import so much oil from dangerous countries?



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    It’s because America is totally dependent on oil and foreign oil countries have the most amount of oil for the cheapest price. In 2025 the U.S. is projected to consume 28.3 million barrels a day — 44 percent more oil than we do today, with domestic production meeting a mere 30 percent of that need. Arab OPEC states supply the United States with 2.5 million barrels per day — 25 percent of our daily imports. Unless things change, the future holds more of the same: The Middle East countries hold two thirds of the world’s proven oil reserves. By 2025, the Middle East is expected to supply 36 percent of the world’s oil, with OPEC as a whole producing 46 percent. 

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    The largest source of US oil imports from one nation is Canada.

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