Why do we have toxic waste incinerators, when all that does is make it toxic air pollution instead?



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    Toxic waste incinerators are usually enclosed and have a form of scrubber that creates a level of air that is allowed to be released. It’s also important to remember that when a chemical like Chlordane dust is burned with other toxic solids, the ash is what is going to be dangerous and that is also treated. The toxicity of the air from incinerators is considerably less than if we didn’t take care of the chemical or if we used aqueous treatment which isn’t a guarantee that the chemicals will become dilute enough.
    However, this isn’t a fixall – not in the least. Dioxin is produced from most incinerators and creates another form of toxic waste. There are alternatives but they are expensive and not funded by the ‘combustion’ or hydrocarbon industry. They are all we have for now.

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