why do we even hunt animals that are going extisct



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    The main reason that people hunt endangered animals is that it can be extremely profitable.  Many animals, such as the black rhino in Africa, initially became endangered because of the high value associated with killing them.  In the case of the rhino, its horns were the exclusive source of profit, while other animals have been poached into endangerment or extinction for their fur, feathers, or meat.  Ironically, as their numbers dwindle, their value increases, making poaching them an even more profitable enterprise.

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      so ur saying we hunt them for fun and for food. but we need them to reproduce so there can be more than a few

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      That’s true, but unfortunately most of the people who hunt these animals are more concerned with the short term profits they’ll receive, rather than the long term impact their actions will have. What’s really incredible is that people are still so eager to buy these products at such a high price, despite the consequences.

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    People are so concerned with making a profit that they will do just about anything to do so.  Since endangered animals are rare, their fur, teeth, bones, oil, etc. can bring in quite a sum of money.  People either don’t think or really even care about what effect these animals have and what will happen if they become extinct.  Poaching needs to come to an end, but that is just so much easier said than done. 

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    Like maddie said, endangered animals are poached because as their status declines, their goods become even more profitable. It’s the same reason why people sell any illegal substance: in their eyes, the pay-off is more valuable than the harm done, and wroth the legal risk. To me, it’s like asking why drug dealers sell deadly drugs to people. To give you an idea about how profitable poaching can be, rhino horns can sell for $21,000 to $54,000 per kilogram and can weigh on average between 2.88 and 3.88 kilograms. That’s a $60,480 minimum and a $209,520 maximum pay-off for one horn.

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    A lot of people are also in it for the sport of hunting. If an animal is endangered, it becomes more desireable in the eyes of the hunter. There are many reasons for this, such as money and even just a “trophy kill.” These animals will soon be extinct, so the hunters want to get their hands on them. It’s a sad cycle and more needs to be done to stop this and save these animals!

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