why do we cut down so much of the rainforest for beef?



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    Basically, rainforests such as those in South and Central America have been cut down to make room for cattle farming to cut down costs and provide beef at cheap prices to countries such as Russia, China, and of course, the US. For each pound of beef, approximately 200 square feet of rainforest has been cut down. 

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    It supplies cheap beef to the US, China, and Russia. Unfortunately, about 200 square feet have to be cleared to produce one pound of beef, and the land quickly becomes infertile and dry. This causes more land to be cleared to make a new ranch. It really is unfair and rediculous, and I believe this is a good reason to become vegetarian. This type of slash and burn farming accounts for 50% of rainforest deforestation.

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    Farming cows for beef is big buisness all over the world.  Parts of the Brazilian rainforest are being clear-cut to create pasture land for cattle, and possibly even for growing crops to feed to the cows.  It would benefit our world if we all ate less meat, particularly red meat, so we would need less cattle, need less pasture land, and even produce less methane emissions.

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