why do we continue to drill ANYWHERE if the technology to effectively and immediately correct the problems and clean up the environment before is becomes more than a spill?



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    The short answer? We need oil.  We are largely dependent on foreign oil already, and even if we stopped drilling, they would not.  This would just cost us more money and increase the massive debt that we already have.  The technology for greener alternatives is just not here yet or at least readily available, so while that gets underway we need oil to continue our way of life.  We have technology to clean up spills, just not spills the size of the one in the Gulf.  For concentrated spills we have the technology, but this is a once in a lifetime spill that we weren’t prepared for.  In the future I am sure there will be technology to clean up the spills because we have seen the dangers of what can happen if we dont.

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      This reply demonstrates exactly the self destructive decision making mentality that got us in to this mess. This sounds like logic fueled by co-dependancy! And, unfortunately, this is precisely why we continue to drill. You are placing greed in front the importance of sustainability. You should abandon this mentality if you intend to continue to claim to provide sound advice and answers to the general public!!

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      I apologize if I offended you, I was just attempting to provide an accurate response to your question based off of the current climate in the world. I personally don’t think that we should be so dependent on oil, and I actually am working with a solar energy company. However, in this day and age we are still need oil, and if we want to continue our way of life then it is necessary to drill for oil. There just aren’t enough viable options with regards to alternative energy yet, so for the time being we need to continue to get oil. I think it is foolish to depend on foreign oil, so we don’t have many other options. Would it be fair to say that because one oil rig failed, they all will fail? I don’t think so. Do I think there should be greater restrictions and preventative measures to make sure this doesn’t happen again? Of course. So yes, for the time being we need to rely somewhat on oil, but I also think that we should be making attempts to find alternatives so that we don’t have to worry about the environmental impacts.

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