Why do we compost?



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    Composting serves a number of purposes.  First, it finds an alternative method of disposal for our food waste that otherwise would go into a landfill; it decomposes our food.  Second, the soil produced can be used to fertilize plants without potentially harmful chemicals.  Third, it’s fun!  There’s a certain sense of satisfaction from seeing something you ate become soil to be used on the plants you are growing. 

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    Compost improves soil. You can take soil that’s less than ideal for growing and make it much more fertile by adding compost.  Farmers have been using compost for centuries to help with their crops.

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    I compost to reduce fruit flies in my apartment and to have to take out the trash less.  Some of my composting goes into my balcony garden and the remainder I can take with me to the grocery store, or drop off at work where we have compost bins in addition to recycling and garbage.  I found that I have to use many many fewer garbage bags and now do not have the annoying smell of the rotting banana peel from breakfast a few days ago wafting out of my garbage can.  A nice side effect is that my tomatoes are doing really well after including food scraps like banana peels and egg shells in the soil.

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