Why do wasps hurt more when they sting you?



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    It depends on what you mean by “hurt more”. A wasps doesn’t really hurt when it stings someone. Bees on the other hand, die when they sting someone. They die because they have a hook on the end of their stingers, and when they try to pull-out, they end up pulling their guts out too. Wasps can pull-out and live to sting another person. It’s kind of unfair really, since wasps are pretty useless and bees give us honey!

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    Wasp stings can hurt more than bee stings due to the fact that bees will sting once since they will lose their stinger afterwards. While a wasp can sting multiple times.

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    Wasps have the ability to sting over and over as long as their nest remains and still remain alive. The bees sting only once and eventually die off because the stng has a connection with its alimentary canal which becomes disconnected after releasing the sting to the body of its ‘enemy’. 

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