Why do plants turn yellow?



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    The key reason that plants turn yellow is that they are not able to maintain adequate levels of the green pigment, chlorophyll. This could be due to diseases such as apple scab or anthracnose. Sucking insects such as aphids, mealybugs and scale remove nutrient laden sap from the plants restricting their ability to make more chlorophyll. Also environmental factors, such as lack of light, can cause a plant to yellow.

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    Plants can turn yellow for a variety of reasons. A tree’s leaves will turn yellow and other colors because the tree is using the energy stored in its leaves to survive during the winter. The leaves lose their green chlorophyll, which is what gives them their color. Other reasons why plants turn yellow is because of exposure to cold temperatures, lack of sunlight, lack of water, pests, chlorosis, root damage, or a lack of nutrients.

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