Why do teachers print out a syllabus anymore?



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    Teachers may continue printing out their syllabuses for a variety of reasons. Some are simply traditional in their habits and don’t feel a need to change. Others feel that even if the syllabus is easily accessible online, their students can’t be bothered to look it up on their own time. In that case, to make sure everyone at least glances at the information, teachers continue to hand out hard copies.

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    It is school policy that students be informed in writing of all tests and assignments for a class, such as in a syllabus. Additionally, Academic Integrity statements must be provided to each student. For teachers who may not use a website, they provide printed syllabus.

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    At least where I teach, I have to print out my syllabus, not only for the students, but also for the office to keep on file in case a student looses his or her copy. However, I do not print the majority of the assignments. I place them on the class’s web site, and if the students need to print them, they are free to do so. Also, I do not have extra copies of the syllabus, and refer students who ask for it to the web site, where it is kept on file. Many teachers do not print out their copies of the syllabus, but rather direct students to a web site, especially in online courses.

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